September 9th to 11th, 2011

In this forum we are going to organize the 3rd Spanish Spank Meeting “MADRIDSPANK'11", spanning for a weekend, for every spank-lover who want to enjoy a session with spankers, spankees, switches and curious just interested in learning (observers).

It will be in September, during the second weekend of the month, from 9th to 11th, in a discreet house near Madrid (chinchón), rented for the occasion and with good access to the place.

There are 20 night vacancies for people from other places than Madrid, and 20 vacancies to go to the “Spank Meeting” party, on Saturday September 10th.

The price including attendance, participation and stay+breakfast all the weekend (Friday to Sunday) is 75/85 euros (not including lunch and dinner), paid in the registration, and 15 euros for the people who don´t need to spend the night in the house and only go to the Spank Meeting on Saturday evening-night.

Make your pre-registration sending an email to our manager, Ignacio (domisade@teleline.es ), or the club´s email (clubspank@gmail.com), in order to start making the participants list and not miss the avalaible vacancies.

Very soon, you’ll be able to download the Activities Time Sheet and the registration form in order to book. Furthermore, you will have to fill a participation commitment, to respect all the rules and grant the discretion and the good feeling between all of us.

We admit suggestions and other activities.


5th Spanish Spank Meeting

If you want to enjoy the “party”, you need to know our “participation rules”:

This meeting it’s for adult people. It’s forbidden the entrance for minors. And the people who comes, are freedom for come in and out.

  1. You need to respect the roles of each people, and the opportunity to play or not if someone wants.
  2. It’s forbidden to make pictures, video or similars without the authoritation from the coordinator.
  3. It’s forbidden to make nothing dangerous for the integrity, health or security of the people or someone.
  4. Any damage in the local or instruments, are personal responsibility from who made it.
  5. The dress code it’s free, but we required to dress according the SM party.

If you want to come, you need to complete your personal information (name, country, age, and rol preferid) and send it by mail: domisade@teleline.es.

Also, you must to make the payment by money transfer, in that bank account:


Account number (IBAN): ES12 2100 2934 2101 0014 5394.

Electronic IBAN: ES1221002934210100145394

BIC (internacional code): CAIXESBBXXX